C-U Improv Festival

Zoo Improv's 7th Annual C-U Improv Festival!!
November 20 & 21, 2015
SODO Theatre, 111 S. Walnut St, Champaign, IL.
We are excited to welcome your submissions to this year's festival.
Shows will start at 8pm on both Friday and Saturday night.  Sets will be around 25-30 minutes each, with exceptions as needed.  Instead of having a longer break between 8 and 10pm shows this year, all the sets will run back to back with refreshment breaks in between sets.  Shows will be $10 for the evening.
We will also continue to offer the family friendly Kid's Improv workshop showcase this year starting at 6pm.
Lunch will be provided from 12-1pm on Saturday, November 21, followed by workshops for adult improvisers from 1-4pm. Kids workshop will be from 4-5:45.
If your team would like to perform in this year's amazing festival, please contact Cara at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Please provide:
  • the name of your group,
  • where you are from 
  • what kind of show you’d like to perform 
  • links to your website or other media 
We will contact you with confirmation and performance times after submissions are closed.
Please submit your information by October 15.  We appreciate you getting submissions in as soon as possible. We really filled up quickly last year and want to make sure you get a slot! We cannot currently pay our performing teams, but all performers will receive lunch and a spot on Saturday workshops at no charge.
Also, feel free to forward this along to friends and other troupes who may be interested.  
We look forward to seeing you!


The schedule is being constructed for the 7th Annual C-U Improv Festival, coming November 20 and 21, 2015.  Please see here for information on getting your team involved.
Zoo Improv's 6th Annual C-U Improv Festival!!
November 14 & 15, 2014
SODO Theatre, 111 S. Walnut St, Champaign, IL.

Shows will be at 8 and 10 pm on Friday and 6, 8, and 10 pm Saturday night.  Entry to all shows is $5 per person, with free admission for performers and workshoppers to all shows.  

This year's 
6 pm show will be a family friendly show featuring young people from our youth improv workshop followed by Zoo's Family Show!!  Bring your offspring, whether they want to improvise or not, it will be super fun!  Adults don't pay!

Check out the "Performing Teams" link to your left for information on each team!!

Your 2014 Show Schedule will be...


Friday, November 14

8 PM

  • DeBono
  • Tandem
  • CIP: Collage

10 PM

  • Abe Froman
  • Disposable
  • Sheedz and Field

Saturday, November 15

6 PM: Family show

  • Youth Workshop Performance
  • Zoo's Family Friendly show

8 PM

  • Spicy Clamato
  • Guys?
  • CIP: Storybox

10 PM

  • Mrs. Ulysses
  • Vogue
  • pH