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Festival Performing Teams 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, may we present to you, in the order that they'll take the stage...

Your EIGHTH (Holycrap!!!!) ANNUAL C-U IMPROV FESTIVAL Performing Teams!

Zoo Improv

Performing Members: Amanda Brock, Ken Erdey, Brian Hagy, Bruce Roberts, Aubrey Wachtel, James Wachtel, Justin York

About Zoo Improv...

Red Letters

Performing Members: Bryan and Alyssa Buckley

About Red Letters...


Performing Members: Bruce Roberts and Brian Hagy

About Bsquared...


Performing Members: TBD

About DeBono...

pH Productions

Performing Members: Gordy Andina and Jason Hodge

About pH Productions...

B(Minus): Making Bad Movies Badder!

Performing Members: Jessica Dockins, Mikel Matthews Jr., Jason Dockins, Jim Dobbs, Jess Schlipf, and Aubrey Wachtel and James Wachtel

About Froman Improv...

Tricky Mickey

Performing Members: Mike Abdelsayed and friends

About Tricky Mickey...

Spicy Clamato

Performing Members: TBD

About Spicy Clamato...

Pancake Dinner

Performing Members: Jessica Landis, Dan Jackson, Connor Doyle, Dennis Episcopo, and Yazmin Ramos

About Pancake Dinner...